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  Office of the Clinical Director (OCD) - Staff

The OCD office is located in the Clinical Research Center, room 6-5340.

Clinical Director – Maryland Pao, M.D.
  Dr. Pao oversees all functions of the OCD including policy and program planning. She is the Director of Clinical Fellowship Training Program and the PGY-4 Psychiatric Residency Program. She is the Chief of the Psychiatric Consultation-Liaison Service.
Telephone: 301-435-5770
FAX: 301-402-2588

E-mail Dr. Pao

Deputy Clinical Director – Joyce Chung, M.D.
  Dr. Chung assists the Clinical Director in all functions pertaining to the Office of the Clinical Director. She is the Director of the Clinical Fellowship and PGY-4 Training Program. In addition she is an Attending on the Psychiatry Consutation-Liasion Service.
Telephone: 301-443-8466
FAX: 301-402-2588

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Director, Outpatient Clinic – Peter J. Schmidt, M.D.
 Dr. Schmidt’s responsibilities include management of the Mental Health Outpatient Clinic and coordination with the outpatient nurse manager for all outpatient protocols. He is also the Chief of the Section on Behavioral Endocrinology (SBE).
Telephone: 301-496-1620
FAX: 301-402-2588

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Psychologist – Lisa Horowitz, Ph.D.
 Dr. Horowitz is a Senior Clinician on the Psychiatric Consultation-Liaison Service. She is responsible for monitoring patient safety and coordinating OCD quality improvement projects.
Telephone: 301-435-6052
FAX: 301-402-2588

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Office Manager – Dorothy Drake
  Ms. Drake is the Office Manager for the OCD. Her responsibilities include personnel, travel, procurement, budget, and other administrative functions.
Telephone: 301-496-1338
FAX: 301-402-2588

E-mail Ms. Drake

Neuropsychologist – Joseph Snow, Ph.D.
  Dr. Snow is a clinical and research Neuropsychological Consultant to the Psychiatry Consultation Liaison Service. Dr. Snow's responsibilities include evaluating the neuropsychological functioning of NIH patients either for clinical reasons or as part of NIH protocol driven research.
Telephone: 301-496-5197
FAX: 301-402-2588

E-mail Dr. Snow

Clinical Research Coordinator – Chau (Christy) Hoang
  Ms. Hoang provides administrative and technical support to the OCD and Psychiatric Consultation-Liaison Service.
Telephone: 301-496-9675
FAX: 301-402-2588

E-mail Ms. Hoang

Assistant to the Clinical Director – Deborah Snyder, M.S.W.
  Ms. Snyder is a Senior Clinician on the Psychiatry Consultation Liasion Service. In addition, she assists the Clinical Program Training Director with residency and fellowship training activities.
Telephone: 301-594-7379
FAX: 301-402-2588

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Staff Clinician – Adriana Pavletic, MD, MS
  Dr Pavletic is a senior staff clinician who performs medical screening of volunteers participating in studies led by non-physician principal investigators. She also participates in teaching psychiatric fellows and other trainees, and advises clinical director on policies and procedures related to medical evaluations of research volunteers.
Telephone: 301-594-7386
FAX: 301-402-2588

E-mail Dr. Pavletic

Associate Deputy Director – Jeanne Radcliffe, R.N., M.P.H.
  Ms. Radcliffe is the Associate Deputy Director in the OCD. She assists Drs. Pao and Chung in administrative matters and coordinates program activities for the OCD She is involved in setting policy guidelines related to clinical care activities within protocols. She is an educational resource for investigators as they write protocols. She reviews clinical and research records for protocol compliance.
Telephone: 301-594-7732
FAX: 301-480-4088

E-mail Ms. Radcliffe

Protocol Coordinator – Donna M. Howard
 Ms. Howard is the NIMH protocol coordinator for the CNS IRB and the NIMH credentialing coordinator. She maintains the IRB meeting schedule and all active NIMH protocols and records.
Telephone: 301-496-4588
FAX: 301-480-4088

E-mail Ms. Howard

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